I want to service my laptop. My laptop does not work.
Do I have to bring the charger to your store? Yes. The transformer of the laptop, the battery as well as all its internal components must pass a diagnostic test. Many problems start with a faulty charger. Is my laptop diagnosis free? Yes, if we proceed to any repair. You only pay for the repair of the fault and not for its diagnosis. There is a charge of 20 € only if for any reason you do not proceed with any repair of your laptop. The laptop is still under warranty. Will there be a problem with its power if I repair it? This mainly depends on the malfunction of your laptop. 007 PC Service
I want to service my computer
How do I disconnect my computer? 1. Turn off / Shut down Windows. Do not select Standby or Hibernate. 2. Probably at the back of the tower, near the black power cord, there is a switch. Press 0. 3. Turn off all devices connected to the power strip (eg monitor, printer, external drive). Do not leave them on standby. 4. Turn off the switch on the power strip. Turn off the UPS or voltage regulator, if present. 5. Unplug the wall socket or the UPS / voltage stabilizer. 6. Now remove the cable that connects to the tower. Also remove it from the power strip or UPS / voltage regulator. 7. Now, you
I need remote technical support
I have absolutely no computer knowledge. How difficult is it to serve me remotely? Remote support is very easy. As long as you have an internet connection. You do not need to have any knowledge. All you have to do is click a few at the beginning. After all the rest is taken over by the technical staff of 007 PC Service. What work do 007 PC Service computer technicians do on remote support? Any work does not require connecting or disconnecting cables and components from your computer. We can fix any problems you have with Windows, with devices, printers as well as problems with your shared
I need a computer technician at home
Do you take care of any damage to my computer at home? Before visiting the house, you will explain your problem to a 007 PC Service technician. If the technician finds that the specific damage needs to be repaired in our store, then it is not recommended to visit. We do not perform any rough work in your area. For example, in order to make a proper memory upgrade on your laptop, the whole system must be carefully checked for a long time. What time can an appointment with your technician be made? Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 9 pm. Overtime hours as well as holidays have a double charge.